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I had a thriving private practice as a LCSW for some years working with children, teens, and adults in individual, couples and family therapy.  I enjoyed this practice.  I found however, that in certain situations, a greater in-depth training of the therapist or analyst could perhaps help people reach the level that more traditional or less in-depth approaches did not, so I sought the training to become a Jungian analyst.  My studies in Switzerland at the C.G. Jung Institute were very important since they did help me by taking me to a much greater level of self-understanding and therefore to a deeper understanding of the presenting problems of persons seeking to improve themselves and their lives.

The Jungian approach focuses on the exploration of life's meaning, purpose, and transformation through the use of dream interpretation, imaginal techniques, and therapeutic interactions in a private practice setting. I think helping a person become more "whole," or more fully conscious of themselves not only helps each person who commits to such a process of change, but also contributes much to their family and community. I am comfortable and used to working with people from different cultures, ages, genders, and orientations on a variety of different issues. I really enjoy having the individuals who work with me attain the progress and movement possible for them to achieve.



  • International & National Certification as a Jungian Psychoanalyst;  

  • PhD in Analytical Psychology

  • MSW in Clinical & Administrative Social Work

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.)

  • BA in Anthropology/Sociology


Leesburg, Virginia 20176

703-999-8292 Please leave a brief message, and I will call back as soon as possible. Dr. Joan Linhardt

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